Yes, I Can!

At the age of 79, I went back to college. I was not serious in my studies at first, but I just wanted to get out of the house and get dressed up. I was becoming to be a bag lady, and then I thought I knew them all since I have been to college and retired and a great grandma. I was wrong, everything was all Greek to me. It has been ages since I graduated from College, over 50 years, in 1959.


Well, I did not read my textbook, I should know Accounting, that was my major, I should know everything about Sales since I became a Sales Associate for 7 years. I also took Spanish but failed miserably. I almost gave up, but then I changed into more fun subjects. Public Speaking, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Fashion, Theatre and they were all the jazzy subjects.  I have never painted or drawn anything before.

I love Public Speaking, since I have been a community leader in my city and the country where I was born. The subjects were all inspiring. The Sales subject, I had a good looking professor, who gave me a passing grade, I guess I was an inspiration. I also took Computer, but this aging mind was not able to catch up but again my professor was so patient with me. I took Spanish because I wanted to be able to talk with my great grandsons who were bilingual, but again, how could I learn when I don’t even open my Spanish book? Although I was told that I was an inspiration, I failed the class. I agree with those professors and they became my friends too.


I came from a family of artists, from my father side, so I thought at least I could have the gene, and I tried enrolling in Painting, and my golly, I enjoyed it very much, then the Photography, was excellent; The Public Speaking I received a 4.0, and Fashion subjects, I received very good grades, and I even got in the President’s List, how great was that? All I have to do is maintain the grades. I have decided that I should get a degree in Arts and Sciences. Can I do it? Of course, Yes, I can! I should graduate at the age of 82, it is never too late.



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